Mosaic Taphouse

Who We Are

We are Jarek and Laurence Oliver, the owners of Mosaic Taphouse. We both have a passion for great beer and how it can bring a community together. Being a married gay couple we know how important representation is in all aspects of life. We absolutely love the Portland beer community and are excited to bring some additional diversity to the craft beer scene through our identities in the queer and Filipino communities.

The Logo Design

The 3 primary design elements featured in our logo are:

St Johns Bridge Arch: symbolic of St Johns, is a source of locality and pride. Beer Hop: emblematic of the beer community and encompasses our business. 3 Stars: each star represents a chapter in our lives. 1st star represents how we first met under a shooting star in 2010. 2nd star represents our marriage in 2020. Both our wedding bands include shavings of meteorite, symbolizing how we first met 10 years prior. 3rd star represents this taphouse, the 3rd major chapter of our lives.